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sobota, 3 sierpnia 2013

Archangel Metatron's Guidance, August 2013

Archangel Metatron's Guidance, August 2013Przesłanie otrzymała Laurie Gudnason.

Beloved ones, the keywords I give you for your meditation and contemplation this month are Unity, Flow, Adjustment, Success, BLISS, tests, alchemy, gold, risk, imagination, teaching, learning, power, domination, opportunity, harmony.

Beloved ones, as August begins the energy flow unite heaven and earth in ways that have never before manifested. August will anchor this energy and humankind will begin the process of manifesting a new world. The flow of light between the divine realm and the physical world is in the process of balancing. In your personal life you will find solutions and overcome any challenges that are present in your practical experience. You must accept change and come to terms with this process in your life. Learn to conserve energy and define where you choose to expend this precious resource. Spiritual growth and wisdom will be the result of choosing to adjust.

August begins with a moon wobble, avoid pride, egotism, and willfulness. You may find that you are accident prone and electrical or technical equipment will break down. Tempers may flare. Direct this energy to evaluate your personal way of being in the world. Subconscious factors will rise into your awareness and deep problems that have evolved over time will move into your awareness. Determine which behaviors support your progress and which behaviors limit you. Step into a new cycle of being. The New Moon on the 6th will raise your vibration and energy. Make financial decisions now. Your insights will be clear and choices will be empowered.

The energetic alignments bring dynamic energy flows and discontent with what is. Conflicts over business and politics will be about the qualities of money and power. Expect the “other party” to throw everything they have into any disagreement. It is best to discipline yourself and walk away. The energy flow may bring natural disasters through storms, sinkholes, mud slides, and even earthquakes. Circumstances and forces beyond your control are at work. Accept what is and make the best of things. At the same time take any steps necessary to ensure your personal security and wellbeing or alternatively you may be accident prone. Be aware! You may feel that if you gather assets, forces, and allies all will be well. You don’t need anyone or anything. You are complete. Where there is opposition seek to create Unity. Where there is pride express humility. Where there is anger – find and express love.

The Gate of Judah opens on August 4th. It culminates on the 8th, and the energy will continue through the 22nd. Throughout this Gateway the energy flow from Regulus will manifest the coming of the King of Time. The energy flow places your focus on your karmic path, bringing consequences and rewards. It will reveal your next step, and ensure your evolution. You will not be allowed to rely on whatever you have already mastered. Instead, you will be required to expand, to learn something new.

This gate brings the next step toward co-creative unity for the human family. Movement toward the ascension and 5th dimensional consciousness begins now. The 5th dimension of awareness exists outside of polarity, separation, and exclusiveness. It is inclusive, a state where similarity (rather than opposition) will attract. Wherever there is an emotional bond, there you will have progress. Divine grace is flowing.

The Full Moon on the 20th will bring romance and more romance. You will remember this as a very lucky day! The energy is dynamic and intense. A sudden burst of energy will shift your life path in dramatic ways. Sudden benefits and financial windfalls will manifest for many of you. Make the best of this short term situation.

From the end of August to mid-October the aspects bring a deep sense that major changes are necessary. These aspects will reveal the true character of an individual or organization. The last 10 days of August may bring issues deep enough to justify indictment or impeachment of at least one government figure who will be revealed in violation of the public trust. You may expect at least one serious event on the world stage. I believe the human family will consider the next step and pause before taking action. Peace will be maintained in spite of these aspects.

This Gateway energy will carry you through the month in a state of positive energy. Through the month there will be positive times and events, and a few difficult days. There will be challenges and changes as you continue to integrate the new energy. This energy cycle creates a consistent thread of harmony. The energy change August brings suggests that you may learn to heal self-esteem issues as well as psychological blocks – and manifest a new way of life as a result.

This month offers you the impetus to take action to manifest your dreams, heal your limitations, and evolve! Your mental conflict and internal drama over security and responsibility to those you love opens an opportunity to learn a new way to gather information. Arguments and issues with others manifests from internal conflict within yourself. Perhaps your creativity and practicality are at odds?

Children of light, the path of joy is evolving into a state of harmony. You learn to communicate to demonstrate empathy, this brings increased self-esteem and emotional security. August opens the way toward co-creative oneness within the everyday world. I am the Metatron.

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