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środa, 1 maja 2013

Archangel Metatron's Guidance, May 2013

Archangel Metatron's GuidancePrzesłanie otrzymała Laurie Gudnason.

Beloved ones, the keywords I give you for your meditation and contemplation this month are Divine Grace, Beginnings, Light, Support, Sharing, Discernment, Conflict, Determination, Obligations and Promises, Confrontation, Affection, Ideals, Resolutions, Liberation, Faith, Communion, Generosity, and Transcendence.

Welcome to the full expression of the Age of Aquarius! During this month of grand opportunities Uranus is bold, stimulating Pluto and Saturn. Neptune engages and the astral cycle culminates. Consciousness, power, discipline and spiritual grace will flow in combination! These energies related to the Mass Consciousness patterns are manifesting influences that demand clear choices so you may avoid repeating past experiences.

The energy may feel ponderous, heavy, and you may feel sluggish and tired. It will ground you and provide you with opportunities to manifest in the physical world. You have a desire to cocoon, be lazy, and maintain life as it is. You have the need to progress and to thrive in life. Balancing your needs and your desires requires courage and the will to do things differently!

May 6th manifests a moon wobble which will be felt from April 30 to May 16th. This will manifest resistance to the light. You may expect a bit of emotional volatility, financial instability, lack of clarity and focus, as well as a tendency to cling to what is “known”. You may be focused on yourself and preoccupied with your own internal drama rather than listening to those who are nearest and dearest. Understand these “influences” - instead focus on rational logic and make choices that align with your material goals.

Until May 9th it may feel as though others are blocking you and opposing your highest good. The solution will be to patiently listen to others – believe what they are telling you and the emotional fog will clear. You have an opportunity to become more aware, to understand how your resistance is blocking your success. Through this process you may find new ways to unite people, connect with groups, and increase your influence – making your dreams come true.

From the 9th onward the energy shifts bringing social opportunities and happiness. Enjoy yourself and open your heart to connecting with others.

This month offers breathtaking inspirational opportunities. Once again the aspects align, just as they did through the Autumn of 2012 and early January. In addition the New Moon is a Solar Eclipse intensifying this process of evolution. Any unfinished business that is pertinent to your everyday life will be revisited now. This eclipse will reveal whatever is hidden and it may well manifest storms or geophysical changes! Geopolitical conflict may also be expected.

June and July will bring a culmination to this energetic alignment directing your focus toward completion. Plan now to complete all projects and fulfill all obligations started last year! There will be emotional volatility, passionate intensity, and everyday issues will seem to be life threatening – world shaking situations. It is important to be conscious of this reaction to the energy flow so that you may remain calm, stable, and take everything with a grain of salt. Avoid gossip and backbiting, remind yourself that everyone is doing the best they can in their given situations. When the world doesn’t end everyone will forget about doom and get on with life! The advice I offer you beloved ones is to remain neutral, maintain your dignity, and retain the trust of those who are important to your life and goals for the future. Support yourself through an attitude of compassionate compromise and focus on your goals. Give yourself constant reminders that none of this is real. The events and turmoil are reactions to the energy. These energies properly directed may unlock your potential for personal power and inspired creativity.

The National and International scene will manifest turmoil over the next two months. Expect political and social scandals. Expect abrupt resignations and “changes in office” where elected officials and business leaders are concerned. It begins an energetic shift with manifestation in July and again in December. You will establish yourself and find concrete ways to manifest your hopes and dreams

During the first week of May you will be in the Shadows cast by the presence of intense direct light. Your knowledge is limited in some way and it is critical that you wait until you fully understand the situation.

The New Moon on the 9th is a Solar Eclipse in Taurus. This energy will stimulate your immune system and either bring health or an ailment that will reveal underlying problems thereby manifesting healing. During the next six months there may be a breakthrough regarding a cure for Alzheimer’s, AIDS, Cancer, as well as the autoimmune dread diseases. Alternately there may be a pandemic flu or bacterial threat.

Through month end spiritual awareness will progress with the Full Moon on the 24th. This Full Moon is a Lunar eclipse in Sagittarius. Its message will be to develop your Spiritual foundation. Whatever has been hidden will be revealed and it is critical that you practice self-love and forgiveness. The energies reach deeply into your subconsciousness and your soul will be brought forth into the light of conscious awareness. Manage your anger; take care in travelling and in sports. Injuries may occur. Electrical equipment may malfunction; storms and earthquakes are to be expected.

Beloved Ones, Seek your joy. Remember, the path “home” is a communal journey and it is paved with the pleasure of shared joy! Late May has the potential to bring love at first sight! Plan to redecorate and budget so that you may afford a new hairdo and update your wardrobe! I am the Metatron.

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