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poniedziałek, 1 kwietnia 2013

Archangel Metatron's Guidance, April 2013

Archangel Metatron's GuidancePrzesłanie otrzymała Laurie Gudnason.

Beloved ones, the keywords I give you for your meditation and contemplation this month are joy, crisis, new beginnings, finances, relationships, emotions, review, evaluate, choices, wisdom, inner peace, purification, release.

Welcome to the Age of Aquarius! Through the month of April the intensity of the energy will shift you – leading you to impulsive actions and an intense desire to make changes in your life. These changes may rock your personal world as well as the world in general. April manifests the energy of an aspect called the Finger of God as well as an eclipse. Destiny, fate, and change interweave. Over the next six months your decisions will create a new reality for you. Seeking to find balance in life will lead to personal evolution. Be aware of the requirement that you discipline yourself to acquire more information before acting. This will allow you to ground your choices in solid reality.

As a result of the Finger of God everything is important and nothing is true! As the month begins remain open to surprises and expect them all to be pleasant. Know that your habits and routine will be subject to change. New, unusual interests and social networking may expand your social circle. In personal and romantic relationships take your personal inventory and be honest and direct. Many of you will fall in love, creating a lifelong bond. Creative and intellectual energies are flowing and any design or writing project will proceed with ease. During this process your true talents will be revealed. Each of you will progress toward finding your true place, your true purpose, and your highest path during this grand energy alignment!

The new moon on the 10th will make it difficult to restrain your passions. Direct this energy toward forming recreational groups, professional organizations, and resolve conflicts. In groups that are normally conservative or reserved you may notice that there will be an attitude of “anything goes”. As the month progresses you will sort out a variety of relationships. You will become clear about those who are your solid friends, know who you can trust, and understand those who do not share your path.

Through mid-April take the time to evaluate your goals in comparison to your position in life. Consider your behavior patterns as well as the choices that brought you to your present situation. Consider your relationships, because love at first or a new relationship opportunity will arrive. Continue with the behavior and emotional patterns that are effective. Over the next six months I advise you to be very careful about where you invest your energy.

This evaluation will also be processed at national levels as those who represent the consciousness of their people as a collective go through the same process. Where there have been imbalances, equilibrium will be established. Global leaders will be reluctant to engage in conflict. The individuals who have been repressed by society are quick to act on their own, potentially manifesting acts of violence and terror. Any geopolitical crises that evolve as a result may be successfully managed with an attitude of peace and brotherhood. My beloved ones, Inner peace will bring about global peace. Manifest that path of peace.

In your personal life emotional balance is a necessity and this is highlighted by the passionate emotional aspects this month. Everything within you is striving to take the next step in life. As these changes manifest balance will be strained, be mindful and assess your status frequently. All will be well!

From the 12th through the 25th I advise you to take care as you manage your money - financial losses are possible. Also make it a point to take good care of your health, especially your bones and teeth. Get annual exams and follow through with recommended treatment.

Use the creative inspiration that is flowing to bring a bit of polish, finesse, and glamour to a chaotic month.

The Full Moon of April 25th is a Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio. The energy flow will shift on the 27th allowing positive progress. The dynamic energy on the 28th will be harsh, demanding, and filled with frustrations.

The eclipse will bring three crises situations into your personal lives and the collective “mass consciousness” of the human family. The crisis energy flows until July. A personal crisis may be joyful - as in moving in with your beloved, preparing for a wedding, or graduation exams. The crisis events may represent “life changes” and may be difficult, but these experiences will deepen and evolve you. The evolution that will manifest over the next six months depends on the choices each of you make as well as the choices of the collective of humankind. The first collective crisis is beginning to manifest. It is the result of economic challenges and change. From these challenges many new things will evolve. In the end, this will bring joy and abundance! The second crisis will be geopolitical, the third will be geophysical.

April begins a cycle of purification which will prepare humankind for the July’s culmination aspects - I call this aspect the eye of the needle. These experiences will evolve, allowing individuals and national and cultural groups to be refined, manifesting those elements which are essential for the next step in evolution. Your lesson will be to know what is essential and to let everything else go.

April will bring you bliss as well as chaos as the energetic moves upward, bringing the world and humankind to a higher vibration and the next step in the progression I call ascension. Know that any manifestations of conflict or upheaval are merely the process of evolution and that your true place will be revealed by the Finger of God!

Because of the energetic release that is manifesting, visions and possibilities that have only been “ideas” are now given form. Over the next 6 months many will find their personal power and express the best that is within them.

My Beloved ones, the task and challenge will be to envision new ways of life. Manifestation will follow! Remember that the path home is a shared journey. Seek inner peace and harmony this month and the new way will open for each of you. I am the Metatron.

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