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sobota, 2 lutego 2013

Archangel Metatron's Guidance, February 2013

Archangel Metatron's GuidancePrzesłanie otrzymała Laurie Gudnason.

Beloved ones, the keywords I give you for your meditation and contemplation this month are: Trust, Transformation, Transmutation, Alchemy, Coping, Tolerating, CHANGE, Rationality, Wisdom, Conflict, Innovation, Knowledge, Objectivity, Equality, and Altruism.

Welcome to the full expression of the Age of Aquarius! As the month begins the energy low opens you to your intuition and through it inner wisdom teachings of light will be revealed. The theme this month is developing the qualities of hope, trust, and faith. Who do you trust? Who can you count on to support you in life? What beliefs and ideas inspire you to push through limitations and solve problems? What supports you in times of need? Answers to these questions will be available to you at month end!

In this energetic environment the past is gone; the future is yet to be. The great now of this moment is all you have. In this moment everything that is will be available to you. The organizations you have placed faith in or pinned your future hopes upon will be undergoing dramatic changes. This energy flow will bring each of you lessons in self-responsibility and self-reliance. The lessons will shift your focus from outer authorities to your inner authority – your soul, the higher self.

You will be inspired, filled with creative ideas and insights. Suddenly patterns of behavior and how this creates “connection” will become clear to you. Your psychic, emotional, and subconscious wounds will have an opportunity to be healed. Spiritual forces align to support your next step!

You will find that you are unusually sensitive to the subtle energetic forces as well as the physical environment. Those suffering from allergies will find their reactions to toxins are intense. This is a time of adjustment as each of you are learning to live in an environment of greater light. This process will continue through the Fall of 2013. Express yourself channeling the greater flows of light through exercises and activities that balance the body and the energy.

These energetic alignments will allow you to communicate well, manifest more business or sales, and feel as though you are in integrity with your personal beliefs and values.

The precious metals markets will surge and offer great potential for profits. If you wish to invest research carefully and only work with those who have an impeccable reputation. You may have great confidence in your intuitive decisions but you will risk paying too much for purchases or an investment opportunity if you do not educate yourself. At global levels these influences may bring inflation and higher interest rates.

The New Moon occurs on the 10th and it brings through unusual energies charging the atmosphere with a kinetic, electrical sensation. Most will experience this energy as wanting something but find they are unable to define what that thing is. The result will be intellectual discontent and an emotional urgency to create change. The outcome of changes made during this time will be unpredictable so your decision process must consider multiple potential outcomes. This is a precursor to a new kind of multi-dimensional reality that will evolve by 2015. Many will feel overwhelmed emotionally and energetically by this New Moon. Work with this energy through intention. Take it “easy” and make changes slowly with full awareness of potential outcomes. Pray, ask the Divine to manifest your “Greatest Good” , and bring you positive new beginnings. Next, surrender to the intention of the Divine and trust, allowing the flow of light to manifest.

At personal levels each of you may expect leadership changes at work. Your friends and coworkers may experience serious personal challenges. Contracts will be rewritten and friendships will be permanently shifted due to the energy. The foundation of your life will shift in some way.

This New Moon directs you toward sensing the subtle dimensions above and will teach you to use the flow to create new beginnings in your personal life. This energy will have a tremendous long term effect in the global community. It will culminate with the eclipses in April and May. Over time the energy will shift the foundation of politics in a positive way. In the present moment global turbulence and instability are likely to be the outcome of this New Moon.

The whispers of change will be heard this month. The aspects will bring Prince Charles of England into a controversial position that will fill the global news. The nations of Kenya and Jordan will manifest much turbulence and instability. Venezuela will manifest a change in leadership and perhaps revolution. Israel will manifest as the “wild card” directing world events in an unexpected way. Social discontent and economic difficulties will be the source of much conflict in China, but new leadership will not offer solutions. Diplomacy will have a chance to succeed even though this is a cycle of “change for the sake of change”.
Midmonth brings a focus on health and wellness. There may be an announcement of a tremendous breakthrough in medical treatment of autoimmune disorders. This will have long term impact in human longevity and quality of life. I advise each of you beloved ones to be aware, practice good hygiene, and commit yourself to maintaining wellness.

The 13:13 Gateway closes on 2:13, 2013. This coding shifts duality, bringing the human family into the higher aspects of the 4th dimension. As the Gateway closes the lessons of co-creation and interdependence will begin! I say well done to each of you! The personal evolution you have undergone has made this step possible for the collective.

A Moon wobble on the 14th reveals your next step. You may not rest on past achievements and success; you must focus on mastering new lessons and move decisively toward your next goal! There are no shortcuts provided by past experience. You are in new energetic territory.

During this time your responsibilities and workload will increase. Expect to start early to comply with deadlines, be amenable to working overtime, and have contingency plans so you may deal with the unexpected changes that will manifest. Remember that these aspects bring long term rewards!

The full moon on the 25th will be highly emotional and sentimental. Many of you may fall in love at this time! Open yourself to receive dreams and visions. Many of you will receive the answers you seek during this time.

Your imagination may be so strong that it seems to be in charge of your intellect. Your challenge will be to create well thought out, carefully planned steps toward your goals. Understand that you may be emotionally reactive and think before you respond. Be aware of impulsive tendencies. The intensity of the energy may bring a sense of being emotionally overwhelmed. If you understand this you will be prepared to deal with the energy in an effective way. Many people may express this energy as fear or anger. Beloved ones, make allowances for others and cultivate the quality of patience.

Your intellectual capacity will be enhanced; your ability to express yourself will be activated. You may be very intense in making your point. I repeat, “take it easy”.

Mercury retrograde on the 23rd opens a time of introspection and heightened spiritual awareness. Prepare for mechanical breakdowns and extra expenses for repairs during this time. Physical machinery will also need to adjust to the increased flow of energy and light.

Beloved Ones, Seek your joy. The energy flows of February will allow you to tune in to others and understand their psychology and subconscious needs. You will be able to easily navigate in relationships as a result. Cultivate empathy and compassion, reveal your gentle, loving side. Rely on powers greater than yourself and know that the higher forces are orchestrating the next step for humankind! Remember, the path “home” is a communal journey and it is paved with the pleasure of shared joy! I am the Metatron.

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