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wtorek, 1 lutego 2011

Archangel Metatron's Guidance, February 2011

Przesłanie otrzymała Laurie Gudnason.

Beloved ones, the keywords I give you for your meditation and contemplation this month are: Trade, economy, thunderbolt, fire, intensity, peace, unity, spiritual seekers, enlightenment, opportunity, adaptability .

Welcome to the full expression of the Age of Aquarius! As the month begins the world is coping with the long term effects of the eclipses. The energy demands the focus of global leaders on issues of racial tension, freedom versus responsibility, and equality as it eases the pressures of 2010. Economic issues in developing countries will open new avenues for evolution and with hope, the global economy will avoid further regulation of tree trade. Philosophical differences and a lack of clarity in elected official’s view of the issues will usher in changes in political leadership. Beloved ones, a time of justice has arrived.

Welcome to a time of personal peace. The subtle energies of February promise calmer times. At new moon, the creative process and powers of imagination receive a burst of energy. Look for new opportunities; they may change the course of your life. This energy supports the process of your enlightenment, manifesting through your everyday life. In practical matters there will be benefit from working on advertising and promotion materials. If you need a job, know that sales work will be profitable.

The full moon brings passion as ferocious energies are unleashed, demanding expression or a creative outlet. Your personal focus will be on your home and the well being of your family. These energies impact the world points and will express through global affairs. Expect government regulations attempting to inhibit free enterprise. The economic aspects foretell currency changes and difficulties for pension funds. The stock market will be volatile, manifesting unusual highs and lows. This cycle opens avenues for profit, wellbeing, and new technology solving energy problems and health care challenges.

Expect your workload to increase! You will be assigned extra tasks and find yourself assuming the responsibilities of another. Each project will take longer to complete. The smallest imperfection will gain the attention of your supervisor or teachers and the impact will spiral out of control. Take your time, complete tasks with meticulous care. Adopt the attitude that this is an opportunity to be thorough. Rules will change without warning forcing you to act and adapt. In your own life avoid impulse. Take care with your decisions and be certain you can fulfill your commitments. Financial compensation, social rewards, or professional recognition will come in the future. When you are working hard remember to safe guard your health, energetic depletion is likely.

Engage in physical activities that will enhance your spirituality and connection to the divine. Those who feed drama as well as create false hope are to be observed rather than followed.

Beloved Ones, Seek your joy. Lose yourself to a collective sense of purpose and enjoy greater powers of creation. Remember, the path "home" is a communal journey and it is paved with the pleasure of shared joy! Hold on to your dreams and maintain faith in the unseen. February’s energies offer you hope. I am the Metatron.

Elemental Angels Prediction

Angel of Earth Message: The power of earth offers stability and strength manifesting your dreams. Emotions are intense but pride may limit your ability to express your feelings. Turmoil, jealousy, and indecision result if you forget to be humble. Expect exciting news and more time answering correspondence. Balance income and spending.

The energy demands romantic decisions. Will you make up, commit, or breakup?

Angel of Water Message: Water reveals your magnetic appeal. Your financial potential is stable and strong. Decisions on spending and saving require clear communications with your partner. Place your focus on practical and productive efforts to manifest success. Preserve your assets but listen to an insider with intriguing information.

Moonlight, roses, and passion offer excitement. Family life and romance are fun. Renew a romance and enjoy.

Angel of Air Message: Air supports you as you multitask, juggle, and integrate profound changes into your everyday routine. Success will be earned through hard work, patience, and compromise. Good financial news will allow you to enjoy some of the finer things in life.

Home, family, and loved ones hold your attention. Communications improve and your love life evolves. A close friend or partner proves to be a beneficial influence.

Angel of Fire Message: The intensity of fire urges you to create stability. Discipline yourself and avoid confusion and drama at work and home. You will gain clarity about an intense situation and resolve long standing problems. It is time to make your move, a promotion rewards you.

You are full of light and your appeal is dynamic. It is time to renew your appearance and home décor. Old friends or relatives may introduce you to love.

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