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wtorek, 1 marca 2011

Archangel Metatron's Guidance, March 2011

Przesłanie otrzymała Laurie Gudnason.

Beloved ones, the keywords I offer for your meditation and contemplation are: Evolution, Miracles, Light, Political strife, Children, Food and Water, Joy, Integration, Boredom, Stability, Shocking words, Self discovery, Exhilaration, Compassion, Surrender.

Welcome to the full expression of the Age of Aquarius! As the month begins the energy stabilizes and manifests a smooth flow of light. Allow everyday affairs to occupy your attention and expect stability to replace drama.

After the 8th of March, open yourself to new potentials for personal evolution. Seek knowledge, examine your insights, and accept surprising opportunities that are offered. Uranus, the planetary ruler of Aquarius moves into Aries, manifesting a 6 year cycle of new beginnings, passionate creativity, and accomplishment. Develop your ideas, for they will bring rewards far beyond your expectations. You will begin to develop the clear perceptions allowing you to find the work, activities, and relationships that represent your path of joy.

The Moon’s nodes move into Sagittarius and Gemini manifesting a sense of adventure and renewing traditional values of ethics, chivalry, and honor. Your intuition will be empowered, bringing you a powerful source of guidance and support. If you listen to your inner self unexpected good news will arrive the second week. Self-discovery will be an enjoyable pursuit with this positive energetic support.

From the 18 onward expect your emotions to be amplified. You will be more aware of your feelings and more sensitive to other’s emotions. Experiences will manifest that lead you to learn the lessons of trust.

There are several dates in March that may manifest earth changes as a result of mass consciousness focused on fear and the media predictions for 2012. Step out of fear and embrace the hope this time offers!

Saturn pits its forces against those in power, controlling the financial centers of the world. Public opposition to government control will be a force focused on creating dynamic change. Food supplies, clean water, retirement funds, and contaminated cosmetics will be a few of the issues stirring public opinion at the full moon. A team of executives may be inspired to step forward with unique, but drastic solutions to these global problems. A particular court case will gain tremendous media attention. Market conditions and upsets regarding property values, housing, mortgages, and securities will cause many to despair and wonder if the financial crisis will continue forever. By early May this will pass, and the energy of renewal will transform these circumstances rapidly.

In your personal life use this energy well. It offers each of you an opportunity to "fine tune," problem solve, and reevaluate goals. It may feel as if an unseen hand is pushing your forward. Let this guide direct you through synchronicity. Move through any challenges by offering the best you are capable of. This is a time when you are required to apply the values of humility, discipline, thrift, and hard work. It is necessary to take a sensible, practical approach and control impulsive behavior. Your consciousness is the key. Through awareness you will have satisfaction with your progress in life and gain enduring and eternal rewards.

The 2011 equinox will manifest with a flood of information that will change the world as you know it to be. The energies must express in one way or another. If the energy is prevented from manifesting in the natural flow it will be directed to another place and time.

Beloved Ones, Seek your joy. As this month progresses your personal life and energy will be touched by the light. Each of you will benefit from the light through evolution in your personal identity, renewed vitality, and passionate enthusiasm. Remember, the path "home" is a communal journey and it is paved with the pleasure of shared joy! I am the Metatron.

Elemental Angels Prediction

Angel of Earth Message: The strength of earth brings good news in your career and recognition at work. An increase in salary may be on the way. Balancing work and relationships will not be easy. Practical decisions about spending will be difficult. Reality is your friend!

The energy advises you to focus on your mate, reviving your waning interest. It is time to reconnect and renew your love. Enjoy an exciting meeting with an unusual person.

Angel of Water Message
: The flow of water brings good news and impulsive spending. Be alert, look for opportunities at work or consider self employment. You are about to get your way! Distractions make you busier than necessary. Psychic dreams provide surprising answers.

Your beloved will understand your preoccupation and limited available time. Someone fascinating is interested in your magnetic appeal, remain grounded in reality.

Angel of Air Message: Air stimulates you to engage with the world and learn to be at home within yourself. You get noticed for your performance at work. A bonus or surprise is on the way. If you need a job, social activities may bring you opportunity.

A vacation may lead you to find the love of your life or reconnect with a past love! You are magnetic, appealing, and charming. Partnerships are accented this month, and marriage may be on your mind.

Angel of Fire Message: The passion of fire leads you inward to explore your emotional depths. You will have plenty of energy to deal with documents and serious financial matters. Avoid binding commitments and consult experts for financial advice before you make any decisions. You will be lucky with money.

Love will be a roller coaster. Turn any negative emotion into romantic passion! Set aside your caution, take a chance, and go for it!

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