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sobota, 1 stycznia 2011

Archangel Metatron's Guidance, January 2011

Przesłanie otrzymała Laurie Gudnason.

Beloved ones, the keywords I give you for your meditation and contemplation this month are evolution, miracles, light, political strife, children, food, joy, integration, gifts, health, water.

Welcome to the full expression of the Age of Aquarius! As the month begins the energy supporting an uplifting era of reform and renewal begins. The energetic flow will manifest a lovely beginning to this year of beginnings and opportunity.

The New Year opens with a partial Solar eclipse. This sets the energy for an age of positive reform rapidly transforming the 2010 process of ending and destruction. This stellar event will direct the energy providing the impetus to make changes in the direction of your life. With the New Year awareness rises and any decision you make has a greater overall impact. Any changes you make during January should be put off until the 19th.

These changes must be made from choice, not as a result of pressure from others or outside forces pushing you in one direction or another.

Remember that as a result of the newly dawning light polarization is amplified. During this particularly sensitive time, work to build substance in your character and creations. The heavens advise you to pay attention to your dreams and ideas. Writing projects will be fruitful as well as offering you insight. Your workload will increase and assignments and projects will take longer, plan your schedule accordingly. Understand that rewards and recognition will arrive with the Spring Equinox.

Many of you may experience these energies as competitive and challenging. As a result some may choose to close businesses or leave your field of work. My guidance is to make any endings a positive, graceful exit.

Your true challenge will be to learn to make your voice clearly heard above the noise of daily life and the dissonance of conflict. Remember that the moon cycles are intense through January and personal ambition soars. At this time, express your inner will and be prepared to follow through with right action keeping your focus on the highest good for all concerned.

In the political arena expect dramatic announcements and news releases. Those who handle money will be more prone to mistakes so evaluate your accounts, financial statements, and tax documents carefully.

In January a new cycle of growth begins and you may integrate the experiences, successes, and rewards you have manifested over the past 12 years. Refine your natural strengths, see to your spiritual needs, and avoid those who do not respect you. Work on your own behalf remembering to set limits on how much time, effort, and energy you give to projects and the concerns of others.

On the world scene Egypt, Israel, Lebanon, England, Russia, and France are highlighted. Iran and Israel begin a political process that will culminate in April 2011. Whether it will result in peace or war will be determined by the global mass consciousness. If this situation moves toward armed conflict, the global community will be involved within a short time due to the energetic stimulation of the world point. This political situation will remain an area of grave concern through the end of 2011.

Beloved Ones, Seek your joy. Remember, the path "home" is a communal journey and it is paved with the pleasure of shared joy! I am the Metatron.

Elemental Angels Prediction

Angel of Earth Message: The power of earth manifests dreams of faraway places and the desire to travel. Open yourself to an expanded view of what is possible.

Your financial life improves and small risks pay off. Consider carefully before you speak, persuasion brings success. Your energy rises and health improves. Project success and you will manifest it! Affectionate joy and blissful contentment leads to a committed relationship.

Angel of Water Message: Water advises you to enjoy the experience of being in love. Important relationships cannot be taken for granted, plan intimate romantic evenings. Make this year the one that brings fulfillment in your personal life.

Meet new people and take up new interests. A new job, raise in salary, or promotion is on the way. Follow up on correspondence and network with colleagues as well as those you met a few months ago. Go for it!

Angel of Air Message
: Air advises you to make financial restraint your number one goal. Consult your financial advisors. Investment opportunities are unrealistic. Sale shopping brings bargains and good luck.

It is time to refresh, revive, and renew. Enjoy quiet time and improvement projects at home. Set aside time to serve and support others. Your compassionate side attracts friends, coworkers, and family members who are in need.

Angel of Fire Message: The intensity of fire transforms your career through opportunity. Changes you have not considered demand decisions. Dive in and embrace challenges. Success will eventually manifest. Carefully control spending.

The intensity of fire transforms your career through opportunity.

Changes you have not considered demand decisions. Dive in and embrace challenges. Success will eventually manifest. Carefully control spending. Romance is on your mind but proceed with caution. This is a transition time requiring patience. Pleasant, loving energy fills your home. Take extra care with your health, make exercise a family project.

Metatron’s Predictions for 2011

The Signs of the Times

2011 will be a year of the energies supporting your personal Mastery.

The energy is quieter, less dramatic, bringing a melding of energies and more relaxed cosmic dance. It supports renewed prosperity and the financial confidence that will lead to technological advances. Plan to invest in emerging global technologies. Your future financial stability will be assured as a result of your faith in these advances. During 2011, two energy streams flow; one directs you to work hard to insure career success. The other stream brings inner knowledge and an attitude of confidence, knowing that everything will work out.

The energy redirects the collective focus toward creating a more loving and spiritual world. Religion, spirituality, and women’s issues will be some areas of manifesting the greatest change during this year. 2011 will be the beginning of an artistic renaissance, bringing innovative new trends in popular music, clothing, jewelry, music, and dance. The "Arts" will flourish, renewing the consciousness of humankind through an emphasis on and a new definition of beauty.

Aries will be lucky in love enjoying intense attractions and delightful encounters! Taurus will find self esteem improving. This attracts romance and many other beneficial changes. Gemini natives may fall in love, find they are gifted teachers, or start a family. Cancer and Capricorn natives will evolve by embracing the challenges life presents. You will succeed because of the challenges, without them you would stagnate. Leo natives will find their careers evolving. Virgo will find their true place and learn to manage financial pressure. Libra natives will be challenged in life but find relief through love and romance. Learn to commit and you will find joy through a successful relationship. Scorpio natives may find this to be the year where you may meet and marry the love of your life! Sagittarius natives will reform their goals, change their dreams, and prepare for a dynamic era of evolution. Every sign has one or more opportunities to find love and true happiness in 2011.

This will be a year bringing greater opportunity for every one! You must be prepared to act and thereby benefit from these opportunities. To improve your luck and money focus on $100 Bill. Meditate on it, memorize its appearance. Think of it when you need a financial boost.

To benefit from the 2011 energetic climate remember that timing is everything! Here is our advice. January will bring changes, perhaps earthquakes and storms. February demands coping skills and negotiations. In March Fixed (Taurus, Leo, Scoprio, and Aquarius) and Mutable (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces) signs should be prepared to work for the next step toward success which begins to manifest in April. In May, Cardinal (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn) and Earth (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn) signs have an opportunity to manifest abundance and joy. For all signs May 20 will bring a focus on love and vows to change for the better.

In June Water (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces) and Earth (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn) Signs have tremendous opportunities for success. This will only be limited by your willingness to work hard. In late June Leo’s star rises, bringing controlled desirable changes. All other signs can sigh with relief, accept the opportunities, and enjoy the benefits the energy makes available to all!

A Grand Cross begins to form in the energetic alignments in late June. This is a difficult and stress producing alignment. You may find that you feel trapped. Understand that Spiritual evolution will release you, taking you higher, relieving stress, and solving problems through divine intervention. As a result of this crossing energy, political scandals will fill the news. In mid July methodical and disciplined action is your key to success as well as financial and political growth. This time brings everyone some success. It is the achievement of everything you have worked for. Rewards arrive in spite of frustrations, the demand to compromise, and tolerating annoyances. In early August Scorpio and Taurus gain a boost to their creativity. This is a good time to enjoy a concert or visit a gallery.

In August, the Grand Cross alignments release, bringing potential for warfare, violence, explosions, violent storms, and earth changes. Take care of your well being and stay aware! Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn) experience the Universe demanding change and they respond with passion. By mid September the energy of the Grand Cross is completely dispersed. As the energy releases a wave of creativity will take you higher. In late September Fire (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius) and Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius) get a boost.

Everyone should avoid making decisions the first week of October. You can expect lover’s quarrels and passionate reconciliations during late October.

In November Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) gain benefits from the stars and everyone can expect opportunities to make more money.

December brings everyone romance, and a time to relax. A new electronic device or technology will be of great interest for profitable investment in mid December.

Throughout this year, everyone will benefit from efforts to create a more loving and spiritual world.

To change your fortunes work with the astrological energy flow. These are the cycles of time and provide each of us with opportunities to evolve and fully experience the physical world. Although most of you wish to prevent difficult experiences, avoiding loss or failure, the truth is that you cannot avoid these opportunities for growth. The astrological cycles show you when challenging times arrive in your life cycle. If you are prepared you are empowered to make choices rather than simply react to the energy and situations. With choice you are in control. When you are engaged in reaction you are not in control. The greatest cause of human stress is any situation where there is no individual choice and you are not in control. Beloved ones, use positive aspects and these easier times to stay focused on your goals. Direct the positive flow of energy to create what you want and the result will be an improvement in every area of life through the more benevolent and benign energetic climate of 2011.

Beloved ones, consciously connect to the river of energy, it is a force that stimulates exploration and experimentation. As a result you will have the courage needed to make changes, and rest in preparation for the energetically challenging environment of 2012.

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